Wind.  Waves.  Crusty salt on my skin.  It’s been way too long, lately; I haven’t been in the ocean since our wedding in August.  And sometimes, that means my motivation runs low.  Let’s be real – the weather, even here in Florida, hasn’t really been conducive to scuba diving.

Last week, I wrote a post about surrounding yourself with decor that keeps your motivation high.  But we hadn’t yet gotten around to putting up much decor since we moved a few months ago.  So, while I cuddled under the covers and worked on my scuba instructor renewal, I also worked on some new wall decor to help keep the momentum going.

On a recent trip to St. Augustine, Florida, we picked up a poster of shipwrecks in the Florida Keys:But we hadn’t put it up yet (okay, it actually hadn’t made it out of the back of the car, but whatever).  Pretty much every picture frame in our house is black; but this one really didn’t fit that look.  So, we found this antique bronze look poster frame on Amazon that really fits the shipwreck theme, and I love the result.

I’ve also just put up the stock photos we ordered on 16 x 20 canvas prints, so this is the view from my “desk” (meaning, from the couch where I’m working) today:

It’s hard to see in the photo, but the images I chose represent models of sailboats we’re considering.  They also have colors that are vibrant and make my mouth water.  It’s actually an instant happiness boost for me; not quite as good as salt water in the air, but close!