Get Rid of Stuff

This goal is integral to everything else that we want to accomplish!  It's amazing how quickly belongings add up, both in terms of space and money.  We're working on eliminating as much as possible, simplifying in preparation to live on board a boat.

Pay Off Debts

The goal is to move into the next phase of our lives with absolutely zero debt, with the possible exception of a mortgage on a piece of land.  We have a ways to go - but we're making progress!

Move Aboard

This isn't really a single goal - it's a group of goals that includes continuing to hone our skills, learning more about sailing, and selecting the right live-aboard.  Ultimately, it will also include selecting the perfect piece of property.

Our Progress

This section isn't fleshed out yet - we're still working through exactly what our goals are, and what the associated numbers look like.  But once we figure that out - I LOVE the idea of tracking our progress here, both to keep us on track and to help motivate you if you're working through your own changes.

Credit Cards

Get Rid of Stuff

Other Debts