Author: Sally

A lifelong water-baby, I've been scuba diving since I was a pre-teen. Originally from California, I've been privileged to have lived (and dived!) all over the world. Four years ago, I met Don - and together, we're designing a future that moves away from the 9-to-5, white-picket-fence we thought we wanted, and builds in freedom, adventure, and flexibility. At, we're chronicling our journey, covering topics ranging from finances, side-hustles and debt payoff to fishing and boat repair. Join us as we embark on a journey to the lives of our dreams.

Putting More “You” in Your Day (Or, That Time I Wanted to Quit Absolutely Everything)

What percentage of your weekly activities are obligatory as opposed to desired? I think I need a giant blinking light over my bathroom mirror that reads “Do you really WANT to do this?” in bright pink lettering.  Maybe then I’d remember not to overload our calendars so much that I end up wanting to quit absolutely […]

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